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Vortex Technology

Our composite experts have developed a new carbon lay-up structure to create exceptional power whilst keeping a soft and forgiving touch.

We have tested several manufacturing techniques and new ideas that have become available to the market over the last few years, and we are confident that what we have developed is the perfect combination.

Vortex Hockey has been working closely with material expert Dr Faye Gordon, and our composite developers and manufacturers in Taiwan and Pakistan to create a structure in a hockey stick that can deliver destructive natural power by exploiting the natural strengths and properties of the premium materials we use.

Triple Baked & Frozen

Triple baked and frozen carbon ensures the tensile strength and durability of the carbons natural properties are extended and increased. Opening and closing the cells through this process strengthens the material bonds.

Dual Core

A dual core provides maximum strength and power transfer through the spine of the stick, opposed to triple core structures which provide thinner walls and a heavier structure due to the excess material irrelevantly used to produce two off-centred spines.

Heat Treated Aramid

Aramid is an essential bonding agent that joins, protects and strengthens a composite hockey stick. We have found that Aramid which is subject to additional heat treatment provides increased strength and durability. Our Reinforced Aramid Zone features heat treated Aramid.

Taiwanese Triple Twill

Our F5 and F4 sticks are wrapped 360º in Taiwanese Triple Twill carbon cloth which increases stiffness and durability throughout the entire stick. Traditionally, sticks coated in carbon cloth are only coated up to the handle, creating a flexing point between your hands and the contact point with the ball.

Carbon Content

Our F5 stick has a 90% carbon and 10% Aramid composition. If anymore than 90% carbon fibre is included in a sticks composition the durability and ‘feel’ of the stick is compromised due to the brittle nature of carbon. Based on our research and development, the compositions featured in our sticks are optimum.

Silicone Gel SD Grip

Unwanted vibrations have long been a point for developing combative technology. We have tested many different methods and have found that the silicone gel properties in our grips provide supreme shock dampening properties whilst also allowing the transfer of positive vibrational feedback to happen.